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Petroleum industrial naphthalene


Petroleum industrial naphthalene takes reformed aromatic hydrocarbon as raw material, through distillation, concentration, crystallization, separation . Boiling point 219.9℃, Poorly soluble in water.

Molecular formula:  C10H8

Quality index


No. Item Quality index CAS
First grade
1 Appearance slight yellow or White crystal


2 Crystallization point, ℃≥ 78.5
3 Purity, %≥ 96



Industrial naphthalene is a basic chemical raw material, mainly for the production of water reducing agent, dispersant, used in the production of synthetic resin, plasticizer, rubber protective agent, surface active agent, synthetic fiber, dye, medicine and spices as raw material.

Packaging, storage and transportation

25KG Plastic woven bag, avoid water and insolation during Storage and transportation.