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Coating purposed solvent

It is mainly used as solvent of Paint and Coating resin, ingredient of Advanced printing oil, oil additive, solvent of waterproof Coating, can be used as a partial substitute for xylene.


Product name Appearance 
(visual inspection)
Density (D204) Distillation Range ℃
(quantity of distillate ≥98%)
Aromatic hydrocarbon %≥ Flash point (closed) 
Mixed Aniline Point ℃≤
S-1000 Colorless transparent 0.87-0.89 170-190 98 65 14
S-1500 Colorless transparent 0.89-0.91 188-215 98 70 15



as Solvent used in Chronic paint and resin, ingredient of Advanced printing oil, top-grade baking paint solvent


Not long-term contact with the human body, Used in a well ventilated environment.

Packaging, storage and transportation

tank car or metal pail.

Wanshida Coating purposed solvent takes reforming aromatic hydrocarbon products as raw materials, according to the international standards on purposed aromatic hydrocarbon solvent to develop and produce, with a strong solution, low toxicity, low odor, Boiling point high, slow evaporation, no water and olefin, chlorine and heavy metals, chemical stability and physical properties and good leveling characteristics, the dissolution excellent performance, especially in the later stages of evaporation can play high solvency, so that flatness of the film is good and no orange peel, good glossiness.Service hotline +86-13809055555 Manager Tan