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Pesticide purposed insecticide emulsion

Nearly two decades of experience in the production, and has hundreds of domestic and Pesticide enterprises to establish a close working relationship to provide quality high boiling point aromatic hydrocarbon solvent for the Pesticide industry professionals.

high boiling point aromatic hydrocarbon solvent than the traditional toluene, xylene little toxicity, Flash point is high, use and transport process more safe and convenient, and has a dissolving power, low toxicity, low odor, stable physical and chemical performance characteristics, along with 2013 announcement No. 52 issued by the Ministry of Industry "Pesticide EC hazardous solvent limits" implementation, high boiling point aromatic hydrocarbon solvent to become one of the best environmental alternative solvent benzene, benzene, toluene, xylene, methanol, DMF's.


Product name Appearance 
(visual inspection)
Density (D204) Distillation Range ℃
(quantity of distillate ≥98%)
Aromatic hydrocarbon %≥ Flash point (closed)
Mixed Aniline Point ℃≤
S-1500 Colorless transparent 0.89-0.91 188-215 98 70 15
S-1800 Colorless transparent or slight yellow 0.93-0.97 210-250 98 85 17
S-2600 Colorless transparent or slight yellow 0.95-0.98 220-280 98 95 17
S-3000 slight yellow 0.96-0.99 260-310 98 110 17
S-3300 slight yellow 0.97-1.00 280-330 98 120 17



as insecticide emulsion.


Not long-term contact with the human body, Used in a well ventilated environment.

Packaging, storage and transportation

tank car or metal pail.

taking refromed aromatic hydrocarbon as material, we develop Low naphthalene aromatic hydrocarbon solvent with Lower naphthalene content, stronger solvency, better environmental performance, we welcome your business. +86-13809055555 Manager Tan